Xiao Ge

Boan Stay = 富有情调的空间 Fùyǒu qíngdiào de kōngjiān

Boan stay has created quite a emotionally beautiful space. Not like any other hotel, the space felt very much like home. Boan Stay is a space that makes you feel very good. I especially loved the details you can find in the materials, futurnitures that shapes the wonderful experience. The space, the objects, the view, all has embodies a deep sensibility of the Korean culture in a nice balance of both contemporary and traditional aesthetics. I felt very inspired by the space.

The big windows in the room was my favorite during my stay. I work in the city and I am use to the urban landscape. Despite that I am in the heart of Seoul, my window was full of green leaves and the beautiful scenery of the castle, which I really loved.

Another aspect I highly enjoyed how multifunctional structure of the building. Building relationships and networks, learning about the other is such an important practice, for any professional fields but also especially for curators and people who work in the arts. The kitchen, the café, the bar, the bookstore, and the shared space between the private rooms, all these spaces opened the opportunity for our group of young curators to meet and get to know one another in a very natural and organic way. As a large group of 12 people who do not know each other and all of us being in Korea for the very first time, this space was excellent for us to engage with one another very comfortably.